Night photography at Vienna’s amazing amusement park – The Prater

This post is the first of a series of blog posts about shooting film in Vienna. We are Joe (@jb__shoots) and Christophe (@victoshot) – two students at Vienna University who fell in love with film photography in 2019/2020. We are friends and share a passion for showing the beauty of one of our favourite cities.

Our night photography journey started in July 2020, when we decided to head to the Prater to give CineStill 800t a shot. Getting our hands on this film at the time required us to sell two healthy kidneys and brought us to the brink of financial misery. All jokes aside, after arriving at the Prater, we quickly realised that it is the perfect location to shoot this type of film. The park is full of bright rides and artificial lights that are very unusual for Vienna.

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Hops and F Stops – Cool Film explores Anthology Brewery

Two weeks of beautiful sunny weather in the UK calls for at least double that of overcast, soggy, miserable British weather, and in a classic move of good fortune, those clouds land on the day that I have arranged to head to Armley’s independent one-person brewery Anthology Brewing to hang out, have a chat and take a few photos. 

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Pentax K1000 Review – A Cult-Classic Camera

At least where I’m living, there was a very noticeable point in which film cameras got thrust back into the spotlight. Every college photography student has been clamouring for one. Naturally, people started to flock to a select few models, one being the cult-classic Pentax K1000.

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Cherishing grandfather’s legacy – Leica M2 Review

The old Leica M2 that my grandfather used to shoot every day as a photojournalist got me started with the hobby of shooting film. Even though my grandfather used this camera for decades, it allowed me to take some of my favourite shots with the first film in over 20 years passing through it. This Leica M2 review is dedicated to my grandfather.

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