How does it work?

It’s easy and straightforward. Do you shoot 35mm film? Do you want to start shooting film? If yes, then it’s more likely that you would like to try different films. We send you two mystery films every month so you can try out various wonderful films. Right at your doorstep on a monthly basis.

What formats of film do you supply?

We are currently supplying 35mm and 120 films and looking into offering other formats.

What film would I get?

You are not supposed to know until you get a monthly batch of film. However, to satisfy your curiosity, we will try to explain. One of the main ideas of this service is to enable you to experiment with different films every month. We want more people to enjoy film photography and different film brands. Some months you might get the film you have already received, but it will take you a while to get to that point. It’s all about having fun and enjoying film photography!

What if I don’t like films you send me?

First of all, don’t judge a film by its box or maker. Every film is unique in its way. We are trying our best to ensure that you will like films and will be able to get good photos. If you are completely unhappy with what you received, please email us – [email protected]

When would I get my order?

All orders are delivered free of charge to most mainland UK addresses. We usually ship films on the 5th day of each month (unless it’s Sunday or a bank holiday). It works well for consistency so be patient and wait for it. Deliveries are made with 2nd Class Royal Mail or Royal Mail International Standard if you live outside the UK.

What payment methods/services do you use?

We are processing payments through PayPal and Stripe accepting most major credit/debit cards. If you want to pay month to month, you can use your card or PayPal account. If you want to use a card for recurring payments, you would have to register a PayPal account. We are looking into providing more payment options in the future. It is easy, straightforward and helps to manage your subscription either through Paypal or Cool Film personal account.

I’ve heard that PayPal is evil.

PayPal is a trusted service that is used by millions of people. Therefore, your details are completely safe. We have no access to your personal information. We also have the option to buy a six-month subscription paying with debit/credit card via online payment service Stripe. Signing up for a subscription of six months will save you £5.00!

Can I pay for a monthly subscription without registering a PayPal account?

You can pay for a month to month membership either by registering a PayPal account or paying with your Debit/Credit. It’s easy! We do recommend that you sign up with PayPal for no hassle monthly payments.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Ooops. We are sorry to hear that you want to cancel. We understand that you might have changed your mind. You can cancel at any time, but we won’t be able to issue a refund if your films for the current month were already dispatched. Unless you wish to pay for returning films. We will refund as soon as we receive them back. You won’t be able to cancel a six-month subscription once your first set of films have been shipped.