Street Candy ATM ISO400 35mm Black and White Film 36 Exposures


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Street Candy ATM 400 is a Panchromatic Black & White Negative Film. Originally coated for security surveillance cameras and intended to fight crime against humanity.

Street Candy is loaded in reusable canisters. Therefore, it is not recommended with fully automated cameras. It may work with some cameras, but there is a risk for the rewind function to get stuck.

Would like to know more about this film? Check out Street Candy’s website.

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  • 400 Ilfotec DD-X     1+4        9 mins      20c
  • 400 D-76                  Stock     7.5 mins   20c
  • 400 Rodinal             1+25      6 mins      20c
  • 400 Xtol                    1+1        12 mins    20c