2020 gift ideas for film photographers with a hat, a camera and a notebook.

The best gifts for film photographers 2020

Buying a gift for a film photographer can be challenging. The holiday season is upon us, and you might be thinking about a present for a film photographer in your life.

This is simple:

There is a science behind giving good gifts. According to the BBC article published last year (2019 was fun), a perfect gift is not necessarily the most expensive one you can get. Perfect gifts allow us to connect with other people, showing some gratitude and love. 

What gifts to buy for film photography lovers?

Despite all the changes around us, the festive season is approaching fast, and you are likely to be looking for gifts that won’t disappoint someone special who shoots film. 2020 has been strange enough to put that kind of pressure on your shoulders. Fortunately, there are lots of gift options for film photographers that they will appreciate.

It gets better:

Film photographers love stuff. Whether it’s Christmas or a special birthday, we’ve got you covered.

Classic accessories by Shoot Film Co

Like no other brand Shoot Film Co is associated with apparel or accessories for film photographers.

Whether you are buying a present for a film photographer who is into music, movies or gaming, Shoot Film Co has a lot to offer from themed pins and patches to t-shirts and keyrings.

Luxury Kosmik Box from Kosmo Foto

Anyone who likes to shoot black and white film will appreciate a luxury gift box from Kosmo Foto. It comes complete with four rolls of Kosmo Foto Mono 100-ISO film. The box itself looks beautiful with a space-inspired design. The box can be repurposed as a storage for a film stash or a collection of prints.

The 35mm Pint Glass from TogTees

The Pint Glass with a roll of film

Pins are very popular within the film photography community. And to be honest, pins have become mainstream. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a fantastic pin.

But if you want something different…

You can take it to the next level with The Pint Glass from TogTees. A hand-made 35mm film pint-sized glass is a perfect gift for almost anyone. You can’t get it wrong with these glasses that are available with a range of styles of films, including Kodak Ektar 100, Fuji Pro 400H and Ilford XP2. 

There is only a limited number of the glasses available, so be sure to get one or you might have to wait for a while for the next batch if there is going to be one. 

AnalogHeld metal cases

These cases are handy and stylish for storing and travelling available for 35mm or 120 film. Each AnalogHeld metal case comes with a warning on the back in six languages to explain to the airport staff that this case is not suitable for an x-ray and should be hand checked. They are also designed for protecting film from light and dust.

Creative lens filters by Spektrem Effects

These lens filters by Spektrem Effects are designed to let the creative juices flow. Creative filters are a perfect way to add special effects to photos that can turn out with beautiful and unexpected results. These lenses are so easy to experiment with and step out of a comfort zone. Just check that you get the right size.

Instant memories with Polaroid

This is something completely different compared to other items on the list. Instant photos are fun and magical. Each Polaroid photo creates a memory that will last a lifetime. With a range of themed films, it is easy to capture fun photos of precious times spent with family and friends.

The Polaroid link contains a referral code which means that we will get a commission from every purchase on the company’s website. This comes at no extra cost for you, but it will support Cool Film.

Cameras and lenses from Mr Cad

Almost every photographer has a dream camera they want to buy. Or another lens to add to their fantastic collection of gear. Buying cameras or lenses can be tricky as you might not get it right. 

However, if you are confident and feel prepared to buy some gear, go for it! We recommend Mr Cad – one of the largest photographic dealers in the UK. They ship worldwide and will be delighted to give you advice if you have any questions.

Film developing with Take It Easy

Take It Easy – one of the coolest, new labs in the UK recently launched gift cards. If you know that your photographer is processing or scanning film using a lab, this gift would make their day. Currently, Take It Easy accepts film from photographers based in the UK or Europe.

However, with lots of labs around the world, you can find the one that will cover your area. Overall, a lab voucher is a perfect gift for those who prefer to outsource film processing and scanning.

Problem-free home processing with LAB-BOX

LAB-BOX is the first multiformat, daylight-loading film developing tank. It adds simplicity to home processing by allowing the film to be loaded in daylight, with no need of any extra equipment to get the film out of its canister. LAB-BOX consists of three modules: 135 module, 120 module and the main tank. This gift is ideal for someone who wants to learn the magic of developing film without any hassle. Also, consider that you will need chemicals to get film processed.

Mystery subscription or merch from Cool Film

This gift idea is biased because you are reading about it on the Cool Film blog. Film photographers like our subscriptions that are available in both 35mm and 120 formats. We send out two different mystery films every month, allowing photographers to try different films. And we have a three-month gift option. 

We also sell 35mm or 120 film and cool merch, including t-shirts and mugs.

What’s the bottom line?

Support small businesses and be creative. If you buy at least one item from this list, it’s likely to be a decent gift that will bring lots of joy.

Enjoy gift giving and have a lovely festive season.

If you shoot film but know someone who needs to see this guide to get some inspiration, don’t be shy, share a link with them.

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