Launching Cool Film Rewards: Share, earn, spend

I can’t recall how many times we’ve been asked about the reward programme. If only we had a pound, a dollar or a euro (every currency is accepted, to be honest) every time we were asked about rewards… we would spend all the money on film or a few cameras.

Our first ever customer is still subscribed to Cool Film! And we’re delighted to launch a loyalty programme that will reward all our customers.

Whether you are an existing subscriber who has been with us for years or you are about to purchase one of our cool tees or a few rolls of film, we are incredibly grateful that you are choosing to spend your money with us! Cool Film Rewards is our way to say ‘thank you’ to many of our devoted customers. Now more than ever, we feel the importance to support film photographers during the time of uncertainty when film prices are frequently rising, and we almost gave up on trying to understand why postage costs increase exponentially so often.

What can you expect from Cool Film Rewards?

All rewards that you earn are here to stay with you. There are no expiry dates. As long as we’re in business, you should expect to be able to earn and spend points on any products in our store. The minimum amount you can redeem is £5, which equals to 500 points. To get you closer to the first voucher, we have a few task-based rewards that you can earn today. 

A screenshot of the Cool Film Rewards app

Sharing is caring

We know that our subscribers love recommending Cool Film to their friends who are into film photography. You can now earn 200 points if you share a personalised 10% discount with your friends. Most importantly, you can refer as many friends as you like!

How to earn and manage Cool Film Points?

To start earning and managing your points, launch the rewards app by clicking on one of the rewards icons that should appear on any page of the website. The app will show your current points balance, ways to earn and claim vouchers.

Good luck, and thanks for your support.
Taras – Cool Film Founder

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